Monday, December 14, 2009

Tips on how to use mineral makeup

Here's some tips on how to use mineral makeup. First I am just going to go over some simple steps on general applications (foundation, finishing mineral veils).

1. Tap some minerals out on the lid. Remember, less is more. A little goes a long way.

2.Use Just Minerals' Kabuki Brush (or angled face brush will work, too.) to dab some minerals onto the bristles.

3. Tap off excess minerals on the lid.

4. You should not see much minerals on the bristles.

5. Buff with Kabuki brush with a circular motion.

6. You can build your desired coverage by repeating the above steps.

For Mineral Concealer:

Always use a concealer brush for minerals applications. Try our 5 pcs goat hair makeup brush set! It comes with a sleek black satin pouch with clear plastic protective flap in the inside. It has easy magnetic button enclosure.

Tip: For really dry skin, You can also mix in Just Minerals' concealers with your favorite face cream. Or right after your daily moisturizing routine, apply concealer/foundation to area where it is still moist for extra coverage.

1. Dab a bit of mineral concealer with small concealer brush. Little goes a long way...

2. Gently even out with padding/dabbing motion with small concealer brush.

3. Apply mineral foundation.

4. Finish with Just Minerals Mineral Veil.

5. An easy, flawless look!

Monday, November 23, 2009

return customers testimomials

New Buy One Get One Free Specials

on Mineral Veil, Maui Tinted Veil, Bronzing Glow Veil!!! Limited time offer applies to both sizes: regular and large jars. In this thanksgiving holiday, good stuffs are meant to be shared. Time to stock up or share with a friend!

Also I would like to share some testimonials from our repeated customers. I am proud to present our exclusive products, like Bronzing Glow Veil, Pink Diamond (a great complexion booster or finishing veil), and Twilight Apple ( a perfect pair of mysterious sexy scent with fresh, tart apples). Our Goat Milk and Honey lotion leaves skin feeling so luxurious and lightly scented, try the newest scents like Jasmine Cassis, Iced Tea Twist, or our exclusive Twilight Apple. A perfect gift for every lotion lovers there! Limited edition gift set available for sometime next week!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

heart warming gift for holiday season

On this coming fall season, give yourself or your love ones a heartwarming treat. We are offering all natural cold pressed goat milk soaps.

New fall 09 Limited Edition scents are "Sandalwood" and "Cracklin Birch". My all time favorite is "Gingerbread", it smells so much like the real gingerbread! I normal not a fan of seasonal scent but I LOVE this one!!! I can use it all year long! = ) Definitely recommended as a wonderful gift for someone special this holiday season. It smells so heavenly it reminds me of the sweet gingerbread, plus it feels so luxurious with shea butter in all our cold pressed goat milk soaps.

My customers emailed me and said they love our lip balms. It is all natural, no petrolatum products, vegan(no beeswax) product. They said it moisturize their lip and glided on very smoothly and doesn't have the "waxy" feeling like the other commercial lip balms there. All the flavors are my personal favorites. I have this chocolate devil food cake mineral tinted lip pots that smells amazing. It smells like chocolate devil food cake but in an elegant grown up fragrance way. Very interesting... It is tinted by natural lip-safe minerals, no artificial dyes are used. Fragrance/flavor suggestions are welcome here, we'd like to hear from you!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just Minerals Cosmetics' Debut


I am Jennifer from Just Minerals Cosmetics LLC. Sooo excited to have a blog writing about my Just Minerals Cosmetics and I will be sharing tips and newest products with you. Also, I will also share skin care tips and since life is beyond cosmetics. I will also share some interesting thing about my life and things that interest me.

As a founder/director of startup minerals cosmetics company and a busy mom of two young kids, I like to unwind with my own bath and body care. Simply the stuff I like. I've been a self-proclaimed beauty addict all my life. I've shelled out lunch money for beauty products and love to experiment with different kinds of products. Contrary to my mom's advice, I've tried a lot of products for my age at that time. I love to experiment even though sometimes the products are not right for me and caused skin irritations. Now, I love to create my own line of products, using premium minerals and natural ingredients.

My bath and body and skin care line used natural yet very effective ingredients. I love how effortless to feel this good rather than like trying to find myself in my teenage years. Love the skin I am in because I know I am taking good care of myself. My skin definitely shows it!

Talk to you guys soon on more about beauty, skin care, and mommy life!
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