Friday, August 5, 2011

Add a little natural goodness in your daily skincare routine

Adding something natural to your daily skincare products have been made much easier. Introducing premium essential oil convenently packaged in a dropper bottle. As simple as dropping 1-2 drops to your clay masks, shampoo and conditioners, hand washing soaps, and the list goes on!

My favorite is lavender type, I like to add it to my bath oils, it has lavender with hint of rose. Another great way to unwind on a stressful day. I've heard people also use lavender oil massage to their scalp as natural remedy of hair loss.

Since I have oily skin and scalp, I have hard time finding the right shampoo for me. Other shampoo will make my hair limp by the end of the afternoon. Tea Tree essential oil has been a great tweak to my body shampoo since sometimes I don't think the shampoo will be enough. Oily hair in a hot day also makes my skin super oily and acne prone. I would like to use Just Minerals' Tea Tree essential oil as acne treatment that doesn't contain alcohol or harsh chemical that will several dry out my skin.

Where to find Just Minerals Cosmetics' essential oil?
You can find it here! Ships internationally in great shipping rate!

It comes with dark amber glass bottle to ensure best quality and easy storage. Comes in 15ml size which is more than enough to last you through many daily applications.

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