Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Design large sifter rotation jars---minerals stays in!

I am very excited to introduce our newly designed sifter rotation jars for all our our large foundations and mineral veils.

Minerals powder could stay in the jar!!! Easy rotation slide over the sifter holes to cover them. I love the sleek matte black top which is more scratch resistant than the clear jars.

Mineral veil Promotion BUY 1 GET 1 FREE is still going on! Large size is a great deal! It is a similar formulation of bare minerals but without skin irritating fillers like bismuth oxychloride (which can cause my skin to itch under humid weather). The result is a more matte air-brushed finished look, plus it is all vegan!!!

For skin care formulation I opt for all-plant based ingredients as much as possible, like our lip balms formulated without beeswax. All except my goat milk line, I like the milky, creamy texture a lot. I love the unscented goat milk soap for washing for face, I used it on my babies too as an everyday bath soap. Both of my babies had eczema, I was using the national drugstore brand baby wash but were told by the doctor that it is the worst kind! Therefore I my research begins, and started making this goat milk shea butter soap! I love this non-stripping feeling on my skin, search is over. The rest is history.

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  1. Love the mineral veil, finally got these jars to carry in my purse! Thanks