Monday, May 17, 2010

New Cold Pressed Olive Oil Soap Island Style

The cold pressed olive oil soap is HERE! Handmade in most delectable, almost good enough to eat scents, made from the finest ingredients. How about wake up with “Morning Brew”? A nice, ultra-smooth moisturizing soap spiced with cinnamon and freshly grounded coffee and hint of chocolate. Oatmeal for breakfast? Oh yeah! Try our “Vanilla Oatmeal” olive oil soap with exfoliating grounded oatmeal. It is an all natural ingredient, excellent for mild exfoliation when you cleanse.

It is 2:00 pm in the afternoon, hungry for a little yummy snack? Our “Banana Orange Smoothies” is a great balance of sweet orange and banana scent everybody craved for. Also try our “Vanilla Strawberry”, a warm comforting scent.

In the night after all the hustle and bustle, unwind with this “Mississippi Mud” Soap, it has complex aromatherapy notes of patchouli and berries, very complex and different. It is very unique and complex I just fell for this scent. It has rich, bold red color for this signature soap.

For floral lovers, try our “Lilac” soap in fantastic lilac purple color. Seduce yourself with this Hawaiian affair, pink and white swirled soap in “Hawaiian Plumeria” scent. Or you can imagine yourself in an exotic spa with our “White Tea Bamboo”. I love this soap a lot. It feels very creamy with our proprietary olive oil formula and the scent is out of this world. Unlike many bamboo scents out there which smells more earthy, this one is feminine and very high-end.

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